Annual Report 2021

The Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation is proud to present the core of its actions for the year 2021. More than ever, in the context of a global pandemic, the Foundation continues to support its partners in their daily efforts in communities most at risk. In 2021, 82 organizations were supported.

Learn more about all the achievements of the past year, its impact in its environment and the many people who have been involved.

Read the full report here: Annual Report 2021

“The PROXIMITY PHILANTHROPY APPROACH of the Foundation Dufresne and Gauthier”

On the eve of its twentieth anniversary, the Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation has given itself the mandate to formalize its approach to community philanthropy, which it has refined over the years.

This document aims to present the key elements of this approach using accessible language and illustrating the practices that have been put in place. To identify the content, we conducted eight interviews, including two with the Foundation’s president and executive director and six with people related to the organizations we support. We also relied on certain documents produced by the FDG to extract the essential points.

First, a general presentation of the Foundation will be made and followed by the explanation of the notion of proximity. Then the approach will be detailed, with five basic principles, three means of action to establish proximity, and a posture of agent of change and positive influence. The conclusion will highlight how this approach to proximity philanthropy generates impact, both for the Foundation and its partners. Finally, the last part will be devoted to how this approach of proximity is deployed in an overseas intervention area, namely Mongolia.

Read the full document here : “The PROXIMITY PHILANTHROPY APPROACH of the Foundation Dufresne and Gauthier”