Annual Report 2021

The Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation is proud to present the core of its actions for the year 2021. More than ever, in the context of a global pandemic, the Foundation continues to support its partners in their daily efforts in communities most at risk. In 2021, 82 organizations were supported.

Learn more about all the achievements of the past year, its impact in its environment and the many people who have been involved.

Read the full report here: Annual Report 2021

“The PROXIMITY PHILANTHROPY APPROACH of the Foundation Dufresne and Gauthier”

On the eve of its twentieth anniversary, the Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation has given itself the mandate to formalize its approach to community philanthropy, which it has refined over the years.

This document aims to present the key elements of this approach using accessible language and illustrating the practices that have been put in place. To identify the content, we conducted eight interviews, including two with the Foundation’s president and executive director and six with people related to the organizations we support. We also relied on certain documents produced by the FDG to extract the essential points.

First, a general presentation of the Foundation will be made and followed by the explanation of the notion of proximity. Then the approach will be detailed, with five basic principles, three means of action to establish proximity, and a posture of agent of change and positive influence. The conclusion will highlight how this approach to proximity philanthropy generates impact, both for the Foundation and its partners. Finally, the last part will be devoted to how this approach of proximity is deployed in an overseas intervention area, namely Mongolia.

Read the full document here : “The PROXIMITY PHILANTHROPY APPROACH of the Foundation Dufresne and Gauthier”

Joint activities to support the staff members during the Covid 19 pandemic

“Eneriliin Tuuchee” NGO was established in 2012 with the support of the joint German and Swiss Association “Freundeskreis Мongolei”. The organization aims to support the development of children with special needs and to provide child protection response services.

The key areas of activities:

  • Special kindergarten “Palace of Wishes”
  • ET-Research and Training Centre
  • Classroom and mobile services
  • “Transition” program supporting employment of mentally challenged youth
  • “Handcraft” program supporting reserved jobs for mentally challenged youth, their parents and caretakers

“Eneriliin Tuuchee” NGO commenced the home services in September 2017 with a support of the Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation of Canada with a purpose of ensuring implementation of the Law on the Rights of Disabled Persons and increasing the coverage of children with special needs in the rehabilitation, development and education programmes. This programme has been continuing renamed as Mobile Services in 2019.

Depending on the specific needs of the children involved in this service, the rehabilitation service is provided combined with training activities at home, in a classroom or online. Also many other methods have been piloted including development of guidelines to the parents and provision of psychological counseling to them. These activities support development of children with severe forms of disability and serve as bridges to their advancement into the next level of school or kindergarten.

The National Centre Against Violence

Since the beginning of cooperation of the Fondation Dufresne et Gauthier with non-governmental organisations of Mongolia in 2010 funding their projects, the professionalism of the young ladies working for the protection center of the National Centre against Violence, services they deliver to children and women and their attitude to their job have always been a source of pride for the Foundation.


Despite their young age of 25-30, they demonstrate incredible spiritual strength and boundless compassion offering their hands of help to children and women who are going through harsh life and suffer both physically and emotionally and bestowing them hope, courage and vigour.

The National Centre against Violence was established 24 years ago as a non-governmental organisation with a protection center with 2 workers and 4 beds with a purpose of interception of domestic violence committed against women and children and protection of the victims. Nowadays this is a nationwide organisation implementing activities within 5 programmes with 11 local branches, 2 protection centers (shelters) and one training and service centre. Its activities have expanded beyond seizure of violence and protection of victims as the organisation now offers comprehensive professional services based on the rights and needs of survivors of violence and also conducts public awareness building and advocacy work. (more…)

CERF Volant of Portneuf, a rebirth

A rather grey fall day brings me to Portneuf to meet with Nancy Dion, coordinator of the Centre d’Entraide et de Ressources Familiales of the Portneuf area, the CERF Volant of Portneuf.

“Flying” (volant) because the organization operates across the broad Portneuf area: from Pont-Rouge, where its offices are located, to Donnacona, from Saint-Raymond to Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, including Saint-Alban, Saint-Basile, Grondines, based on needs and collaborations.

Since June 2017, the CERF Volant has been established in a new building that houses the municipal offices and about 30 other organizations in an old convent that used to belong to the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. The premises occupied are larger, more suitable, and have resulted in, depending on the services, increased usage by families, a diverse schedule and even the return of essential services that were previously dropped due to a lack of human and material resources. (more…)

A Mentor Parent, Uyanga

In Mongolia, the Association of Parents with Disabled Children (APDC) has been implementing a Mentor Parents Program since 2010 with the financial support of FDG. APDC organizes training for mentor parents to improve their skills and knowledge about children rights, human dignity, legislation and policy changes, while participating in various social activities. The Mentor Parents focus on supporting families who need guidance for the well-being of disabled children, they provide comprehensive information about child disability, state welfare law to the parents and help parents to be involved in the welfare system and to receive medical services for their children. Today, the Mentor Parents work in 3 mentoring groups, depending on their knowledge and interests such as health, education, and social welfare-protection.

As a result of some Mentor Parents’ initiation, hard work and effort, small centers were established with the support of the Khoroo Governor’s office (Khoroo is the smallest administration unit of the city), with school and also International NGOs. Through these centers they provide stable and continuous services to the parents and children of their community. (more…)

“Princess” center Mongolia

Offering young mothers to express their leadership and rights

If you visit an organization named “Princess center”, smiling young ladies will welcome you to their office and will share their work with pleasure.

This organization was established in 2003 to protect girls and young women’s rights in Mongolia. Vision of the Princess center is to contribute for creating girls-friendly society in Mongolia. Moreover, Princess center aims to become a strong voice of girls in nationwide level and to work as a driving-force of the girls’ rights movement in Mongolia with meaningful participation of girls. The Princess center is the only one institution in Mongolia that focuses on the teenage pregnancy and works with teenage mothers. (more…)

Projet Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ)

Projet Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ)

Before meeting with Geneviève Quinty, the organization’s director, I wanted to see the website, which is increasingly becoming the gateway to the PIPQ. Right away, I noticed that the target audience is very specific; the portal is designed with clear and direct language, a colourful look, simple navigation mechanisms, as well as a quick-exit feature that leaves no trace. PIPQ website [website in French only]

The portal has been in operation for only a few weeks, and here is the type of anonymous message received on it that the workers must respond to: [TRANSLATION] “I don’t know how to get out of this environment. I’m pregnant; I probably have STBBIs; I’m afraid of the police. Can you help me?” (more…)

Ressources Familiales Côte-de-Beaupré is Committed to Toddlers and their Families

When I went to this organization, which is comfortably accommodated in a former school, now a municipal building in Beaupré, Natacha Battisti, the director, was in a meeting with a dozen other people from the community, governmental and para-governmental sectors to prepare a profile of social exclusion in the community. After excusing herself from the group, she accompanied me to the main floor, where the drop-in daycare centre is located, an activity funded partly by the FDG and often the gateway to all the resources available within the organization. (more…)

La Boussole – A Full Range of Services

Since 1981, La Boussole has been helping the loved ones of people with mental illness. The organization serves the greater Québec City area with members from Val-Bélair, Beauport or even la Côte-de-Beaupré, for example. Originally a peer support group made up of care-giving close relatives who are short on resources and wanting to break the isolation, the organization has gradually expanded its services (more…)