Head and Hands – A group serving the community

I met Andrea Clarke, the director of this bilingual organization (the French name is À Deux Mains) at their offices on Sherbrooke Street, while they were waiting to occupy their new location on Benny Street in NDG, which was awarded to them by the city of Montreal. They are scheduled to move to the old library this fall. This will allow them to coordinate a number of activities in a single location. The agreement with the city provides that the building is transferred to them free of charge (more…)

Maison de la famille Rive-Sud: for every family!

Although we say the Maison is for people aged 0 to 100, it is families with children under the age of 12 that make up most of our clientele. While it is inclusive and open to all, the Maison focuses on the most vulnerable families, who are directed to the multi-resource centre by teachers, school administrations or health and social services (more…)

A collective of Quebec foundations that looks at inequalities

On January 26, the Collectif des fondations arranged a study day to gain a better understanding of how inequalities arise in our societies and to compare the situation in Quebec with the limited data available, in Canada and elsewhere in the world, using OECD data. (more…)

Parents and children love Ressources Parents Vanier

On this grey Friday in October, the Domaine du Parc Savard housing complex on Bernatchez Avenue offers a little light with the bright yellow accents on its nearly new buildings. The Ressources Parents Vanier organization, established in 1995, moved into the ground floor in 2013 to rooms that were freshly renovated for its activities. (more…)

Shelter for Runaways: Squat Basse-ville

I’m expected at the Squat this afternoon, and barely have time to ring the bell when the door opens and Véronique greets me. Véronique Girard has been an outreach worker at Squat Basse-ville, located in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch district, since she started as an intern in 2003. After holding various positions, she became Director two years ago. During Véronique’s last maternity leave, the Squat had a number of problems that affected its community relations, its ability to fund operations, and, consequently, the way that it functions. (more…)

Small Foundations, Outsized Impact

In Spring 2016, interviews were conducted with representatives from three Canadian foundations to explore their approach to creating ‘outsized impact.’ Commissioned by Burns Memorial Fund, Mindset Social Innovation Foundation and Philanthropic Foundations Canada, the project was intended to draw out consistencies in the practices and philosophies of high impact foundations, thereby serving as a source of learning for other philanthropic organizations that are seeking to achieve systems change.

   Small Foundations, Outsized Impact: How Three Canadian Foundations Create Change

Patro Laval, a partner of families

Patro Laval is an organization created in 1910 by the St-Vincent-de-Paul Congregation, located in the St Sauveur neighbourhood. In the summer, it is a day camp for children, and during the rest of the year it is a family space that welcomes everyone, young and old. FDG funds the Family Space project, which consists of a support program for families, respite activities and family activities. Family Space encourages families to get closer by organizing parent-child activities. (more…)

La Chaudronnée, some comfort

Today, Moisson Québec is delivering its products to La Chaudronnée, an organization in the Greater Quebec City Area that operates specifically in the Lévis sector and provides food aid. In newly built premises that it shares with Connexion Emploi Ressources Femmes at Espace Mélilot, which also contains low-rental housing units, a dozen volunteers are here to take in and sort the food products arriving from Moisson Québec. (more…)

La Maison d’Haïti, au centre du village

On this spring morning, there are a few of us waiting for the Maison d’Haïti’s doors to open at around 9 a.m. Construction workers next to the building have been hard at work for some time already on the new Maison d’Haïti building that should be opening its doors soon. The organization had no choice but to relocate so that the needs of its community would be better met while also ensuring its viability. This is a big step for this over-40-year-old organization, but as its Director Marjorie Villefranche so aptly put it, it’s like a birth: it might be hard, but once you start, there is no going back… (more…)

Carrefour des enfants Saint-Malo

Twice a week, some of the students of St Malo school in Quebec City get together for an extra period that is essential to their academic success, a few doors away from the school, at the Carrefour des Enfants St Malo. Located in an attractive two-storey house on Marie de l’Incarnation Blvd., across from the church and beside a mosque, the Carrefour owns the building. From Monday to Thursday, the back door lets in students who are registered for a homework-help period. (more…)