Joint activities to support the staff members during the Covid 19 pandemic

“Eneriliin Tuuchee” NGO was established in 2012 with the support of the joint German and Swiss Association “Freundeskreis Мongolei”. The organization aims to support the development of children with special needs and to provide child protection response services.

The key areas of activities:

  • Special kindergarten “Palace of Wishes”
  • ET-Research and Training Centre
  • Classroom and mobile services
  • “Transition” program supporting employment of mentally challenged youth
  • “Handcraft” program supporting reserved jobs for mentally challenged youth, their parents and caretakers

“Eneriliin Tuuchee” NGO commenced the home services in September 2017 with a support of the Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation of Canada with a purpose of ensuring implementation of the Law on the Rights of Disabled Persons and increasing the coverage of children with special needs in the rehabilitation, development and education programmes. This programme has been continuing renamed as Mobile Services in 2019.

Depending on the specific needs of the children involved in this service, the rehabilitation service is provided combined with training activities at home, in a classroom or online. Also many other methods have been piloted including development of guidelines to the parents and provision of psychological counseling to them. These activities support development of children with severe forms of disability and serve as bridges to their advancement into the next level of school or kindergarten.

“Eneriliin Tuuchee” NGO introduced changes in its action plan and methodologies in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. Since the onset of the pandemic in February 2020, all activities of the NGO were shifted to the online mode. Taking the advantages of the online activities, we have planned to deliver a series of content and online training sessions. At the moment, the 2 first podcasts have reached the audience. We will continue delivering a variety of content.

Turning the period of online activities into an opportunity, we planned and implemented staff development initiatives.

These included:
     1. Capacity building trainings.
     2. Provided possibilities of gaining new knowledge and information and sharing with the colleagues.
     3. Supported preparations for enhancement of qualification and studies for Master and PhD degrees.

Within the 1st area of work: The topics of the trainings for Enhancement of the Child Development oriented skills of the staff members were early childhood development, development characteristics, specific psychological support, specific features of development of children with special needs, how to support, specific characteristics of the psychology of children with special needs, its expression, assessment of the level of development of young children and promotion of physical mobility;

Activities for individual development: training of 50.2 hours was organized covering topics such as how to identify one’s own temperament, about stress, its identification and management, cooperation, etc. which are related with psychology and personal development.

In connection with the test introduction of a guideline for identification of the developmental age of children aged 0-4 in our work, we maintain a weekly online communication with Ines Schlinger, the psychologist who developed the methodology with an experimental research and, receive training.

With this training, we receive knowledge of how to assess the level of development of a child, how to provide suitable support, what the underlying causes of a child being able to perform some actions and unable to perform other actions, and how to choose support upon identification of those causes. Moreover, we discuss about problems faced during the work with children and receive advice. At the moment, we have received 20 sessions of training and consultation (30 hours), each session lasting for 90 minutes.

Second area of activities: Every teacher and staff member monthly learn about research or books in the areas of personal development, early childhood development and education and presents to the colleagues in a 30 minute session. So far, 8.5 hours of the presentation sessions have been held. The teachers and staff members have been organizing fortnightly discussions “Shed light” to share their knowledge, experience, practice and interests with their colleagues, to induce discussions and enhance teamwork. This activity helps us learn from one another, cultivate healthy lifestyle, and develop more open and friendly atmosphere in the collective.

Third area of activities: The organization supports efforts of the staff members to enhance their qualifications making the working hours flexible and provides zero interest salary loans to help pay the tuitions for one Master student and 3 PhD students, members of the staff.

These actions were aimed at supporting the human resource development while the time was also devoted to activities in which the staff members got to know each other better and enhanced their personal development.

B. Divaa
Project Manager
Enerliin Tuuchee NGO