“Princess” center Mongolia

Offering young mothers to express their leadership and rights

If you visit an organization named “Princess center”, smiling young ladies will welcome you to their office and will share their work with pleasure.

This organization was established in 2003 to protect girls and young women’s rights in Mongolia. Vision of the Princess center is to contribute for creating girls-friendly society in Mongolia. Moreover, Princess center aims to become a strong voice of girls in nationwide level and to work as a driving-force of the girls’ rights movement in Mongolia with meaningful participation of girls. The Princess center is the only one institution in Mongolia that focuses on the teenage pregnancy and works with teenage mothers. (more…)

Projet Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ)

Projet Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ)

Before meeting with Geneviève Quinty, the organization’s director, I wanted to see the website, which is increasingly becoming the gateway to the PIPQ. Right away, I noticed that the target audience is very specific; the portal is designed with clear and direct language, a colourful look, simple navigation mechanisms, as well as a quick-exit feature that leaves no trace. PIPQ website [website in French only]

The portal has been in operation for only a few weeks, and here is the type of anonymous message received on it that the workers must respond to: [TRANSLATION] “I don’t know how to get out of this environment. I’m pregnant; I probably have STBBIs; I’m afraid of the police. Can you help me?” (more…)