Patro Laval, a partner of families

Patro Laval is an organization created in 1910 by the St-Vincent-de-Paul Congregation, located in the St Sauveur neighbourhood. In the summer, it is a day camp for children, and during the rest of the year it is a family space that welcomes everyone, young and old. FDG funds the Family Space project, which consists of a support program for families, respite activities and family activities. Family Space encourages families to get closer by organizing parent-child activities. (more…)

La Chaudronnée, some comfort

Today, Moisson Québec is delivering its products to La Chaudronnée, an organization in the Greater Quebec City Area that operates specifically in the Lévis sector and provides food aid. In newly built premises that it shares with Connexion Emploi Ressources Femmes at Espace Mélilot, which also contains low-rental housing units, a dozen volunteers are here to take in and sort the food products arriving from Moisson Québec. (more…)

Being all together with a cup of mint tea and discussing life.

One from the heart

A partner distinguish himself

Cycling with Bon Courage

From Place Benoît in the City of Saint-Laurent, 30 young people, aged 12 to 17 from roughly 10 countries, cycled 250 km around Lac Saint-Jean. This cycling tour challenge, organized by the Centre Bon Courage, seeks to enable young people to step outside their usual living environment in order to engage in a great sports and human adventure. Having that experience subsequently enables them to find the strength and courage to deal with hardship.