La Maison d’Haïti, au centre du village

On this spring morning, there are a few of us waiting for the Maison d’Haïti’s doors to open at around 9 a.m. Construction workers next to the building have been hard at work for some time already on the new Maison d’Haïti building that should be opening its doors soon. The organization had no choice but to relocate so that the needs of its community would be better met while also ensuring its viability. This is a big step for this over-40-year-old organization, but as its Director Marjorie Villefranche so aptly put it, it’s like a birth: it might be hard, but once you start, there is no going back… (more…)

Carrefour des enfants Saint-Malo

Twice a week, some of the students of St Malo school in Quebec City get together for an extra period that is essential to their academic success, a few doors away from the school, at the Carrefour des Enfants St Malo. Located in an attractive two-storey house on Marie de l’Incarnation Blvd., across from the church and beside a mosque, the Carrefour owns the building. From Monday to Thursday, the back door lets in students who are registered for a homework-help period. (more…)

We made a cardboard boat with grandpa and went to the beach to make it ride the waves.

One from the heart

A partner distinguish himself

A satchel full of surprises

In Mongolia, Adolescent Development Center (ADC), as part of the Dream Key project, the young girls were invited to create handicraft items as an alternative to prostitution. Knowing that the foundation funding this project was Canadian, the girls sent a handbag to our offices, which we offered as a draw prize at our last consultation meeting. Chantal Larouche, coordinator of Maison Richelieu, was the winner of that handbag and decided to use it as a tool for mobilizing the girls of the Maison. The satchel has become a suggestion “box”. Yet the girls at this shelter, much affected by this story, created solidarity scarves that were issued to Dulmaa L., our coordinator in Mongolia, when she came to the Maison in June. As a result, contact has been established between the Quebec and Mongolian realities.