En Marge 12-17, elsewhere than the street

The old rectory that En Marge 12-17 occupies is imposing. Ste-Brigide-de-Kildare Church, right beside it, looks like the poor, or at least neglected, relation in comparison. However, that should change over the coming year because, after ten years of effort, a group of community organizations has managed to bring together the funding needed for renovating the spaces that will partly be used for youth activities. (more…)

Bouffe-Action Rosemont – Get your seeds and trowels!

The first day of real heat in Montreal aligns with the day of my visit to the offices of Bouffe-Action de Rosemont. The sun is warm and shining brightly. The leaves are coming out on the tree branches. A few flowers are blooming in the flowerbeds. A number of passers-by are wearing their warm-weather clothes and their sandals at nearby Lafond Park. (more…)

I went to sing for seniors with my mom. It made me happy.

One from the heart

A partner distinguish himself

Cycling with Bon Courage

From Place Benoît in the City of Saint-Laurent, 30 young people, aged 12 to 17 from roughly 10 countries, cycled 250 km around Lac Saint-Jean. This cycling tour challenge, organized by the Centre Bon Courage, seeks to enable young people to step outside their usual living environment in order to engage in a great sports and human adventure. Having that experience subsequently enables them to find the strength and courage to deal with hardship.