Bouffe-Action Rosemont – Get your seeds and trowels!

The first day of real heat in Montreal aligns with the day of my visit to the offices of Bouffe-Action de Rosemont. The sun is warm and shining brightly. The leaves are coming out on the tree branches. A few flowers are blooming in the flowerbeds. A number of passers-by are wearing their warm-weather clothes and their sandals at nearby Lafond Park. (more…)

Head and Hands – A group serving the community

I met Andrea Clarke, the director of this bilingual organization (the French name is À Deux Mains) at their offices on Sherbrooke Street, while they were waiting to occupy their new location on Benny Street in NDG, which was awarded to them by the city of Montreal. They are scheduled to move to the old library this fall. This will allow them to coordinate a number of activities in a single location. The agreement with the city provides that the building is transferred to them free of charge (more…)

What I like is telling jokes to my children and seeing them laugh until they’re rolling on the floor.

One from the heart

A partner distinguish himself

Cycling with Bon Courage

From Place Benoît in the City of Saint-Laurent, 30 young people, aged 12 to 17 from roughly 10 countries, cycled 250 km around Lac Saint-Jean. This cycling tour challenge, organized by the Centre Bon Courage, seeks to enable young people to step outside their usual living environment in order to engage in a great sports and human adventure. Having that experience subsequently enables them to find the strength and courage to deal with hardship.