The National Centre Against Violence

Since the beginning of cooperation of the Fondation Dufresne et Gauthier with non-governmental organisations of Mongolia in 2010 funding their projects, the professionalism of the young ladies working for the protection center of the National Centre against Violence, services they deliver to children and women and their attitude to their job have always been a source of pride for the Foundation.


Despite their young age of 25-30, they demonstrate incredible spiritual strength and boundless compassion offering their hands of help to children and women who are going through harsh life and suffer both physically and emotionally and bestowing them hope, courage and vigour.

The National Centre against Violence was established 24 years ago as a non-governmental organisation with a protection center with 2 workers and 4 beds with a purpose of interception of domestic violence committed against women and children and protection of the victims. Nowadays this is a nationwide organisation implementing activities within 5 programmes with 11 local branches, 2 protection centers (shelters) and one training and service centre. Its activities have expanded beyond seizure of violence and protection of victims as the organisation now offers comprehensive professional services based on the rights and needs of survivors of violence and also conducts public awareness building and advocacy work. (more…)

CERF Volant of Portneuf, a rebirth

A rather grey fall day brings me to Portneuf to meet with Nancy Dion, coordinator of the Centre d’Entraide et de Ressources Familiales of the Portneuf area, the CERF Volant of Portneuf.

“Flying” (volant) because the organization operates across the broad Portneuf area: from Pont-Rouge, where its offices are located, to Donnacona, from Saint-Raymond to Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, including Saint-Alban, Saint-Basile, Grondines, based on needs and collaborations.

Since June 2017, the CERF Volant has been established in a new building that houses the municipal offices and about 30 other organizations in an old convent that used to belong to the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. The premises occupied are larger, more suitable, and have resulted in, depending on the services, increased usage by families, a diverse schedule and even the return of essential services that were previously dropped due to a lack of human and material resources. (more…)