A Bit of Respite for Wearied Parents

Early in the week at École Marguerite Bourgeois, where Le Petit Répit has its offices, all is calm as students and teachers end spring break with a PD day—allowing Anne-Lise Mercier to meet with me in the peace and quiet of an empty school. This family respite organization, which marked its 21st anniversary in November 2017, has stayed true to its founding ethos of accepting all respite requests and staying in direct contact with families to determine their needs. (more…)

Cirque du Monde – A Pathway for Charlevoix Youth

In Baie St-Paul, the Forum Jeunesse youth centre has hosted a youth circus program since 2008. Cirque du Monde is a humanitarian project created by Cirque du Soleil. The program has persisted despite restructuring—and has even expanded to youth in the entire Charlevoix region, thanks to the vision and leadership of Claudine Fortin. She has been running Forum Jeunesse for 22 years. Activities were condensed into one evening instead of two, and part of the budget was used to provide transportation for kids from other youth centres affiliated with the project, so they could come join the Baie St-Paul group. (more…)

We made a cardboard boat with grandpa and went to the beach to make it ride the waves.

One from the heart

A partner distinguish himself

Cycling with Bon Courage

From Place Benoît in the City of Saint-Laurent, 30 young people, aged 12 to 17 from roughly 10 countries, cycled 250 km around Lac Saint-Jean. This cycling tour challenge, organized by the Centre Bon Courage, seeks to enable young people to step outside their usual living environment in order to engage in a great sports and human adventure. Having that experience subsequently enables them to find the strength and courage to deal with hardship.